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Interview with Mr. MIHAI VASILIU from Catamarasti Vale, FCPR Botosani - Highlights

16:12, Luni, 30.07.2012

Interview with a master breeder, multiple national champion,  

Mr. MIHAI VASILIU from Catamarasti Vale, FCPR Botosani

- highlights -




RRP: What do you think  about the pigeon sport celebrities in the history?

M. Vasiliu: Janssen Brothers have been one of the most amazing role models and unfortunatelly Louis is the only brother left. It was a sad thing he had to sell all of his pigeons. Marc Roosens was another great pigeon sport figure. After he achieved great success and made a fortune with the racing pigeons, he built himself a tremendous loft. He moved all his pigeons in the new loft and the results went down dramatically. He afterwards stated that he was very lucky he didn’t destroy the old hovel where few pigeons were still kept and raced with good results.



Now let me tell you another story. An old friend of mine from Constanta, the late Ardeleanu, used to pay me visits on a regular basis but I refused to give him pigeons until one day. I finally gave him 3-4 birds after a few years of visits. Two or three years later, I went to attend an award ceremony in Constanta. Everybody in the room had something against me because I had given late Ardeleanu those birds, which proved to be undisputed, especially in bad weather conditions. The next day we were invited to dinner at my friend’s house by the beach. And I was shocked to see the loft where my friend kept his pigeons, it was just a chicken shelter. No boxes, no perches, just some pans hanging on the ceiling and walls. These pans were used as pigeon nest bowls. Mr. Ardeleanu confessed me he is not willing to move his birds in a new loft because they were racing quite well from that shelter. Maybe the pigeons wouldn’t have won so many prizes if they had been moved to another loft, I guess.


Here is another example. Do you know that Stichelbaut used to keep his pigeons under the house gutter? The great Stichelbaut, who created a strain that still exists, was a poor child. He used to spend his time with Marcel Desmet’s father, a manufacturer. One day, Stichelbaut found a stray pigeon under his house gutter. Those were the days when these two guys used to go to the market on Sunday, and the young Stichelbaut bought a hen for his stray cock. And their offsprings made miracles, winning prizes every Sunday. This is how the story of great Alois Stichelbaut began. This strain proved to be pure quality over the years, and I still have Stichelbaut pigeons that never let me down.            



RRP: Do you attach great importance to hand selection?

M. Vasiliu: I don’t pay any attention to hand selection. The intelligence is the only quality that helps a bird returning home. A friend once asked me whether to basket a hen which had lost two primary flights. I told him the hen was about to make a good result and that’s the way things actually happened. Now let me tell you what’s the deal with primary flights. Back when I was a real competitor, some young fanciers used to basket the pigeons for me. One of them, which was also a close frind, showed me that one of my hens has just thrown the last two primary flights on both of her wings. And I remember telling him at random the hen is going to win the first prize. The race was plus 900 km. Two weeks before, that hen had won 3rd prize in a race over 900 km too. Now she clocked the first. Maybe she had suffered from an illness that stopped her moult and then she lost two flights at a time.           



Translated by Andrei – Silviu Oprea



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