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Mihai Tita and Balcan Andu, UCPR Voinesti, Dambovita County ā€“ an excellent Romanian Racing Pigeons tandem

17:51, Sambata, 16.02.2013

Mihai Tita and Balcan Andu, UCPR Voinesti, Dambovita County – an excellent Romanian Racing Pigeons tandem






“I flew my first batch of approximately 60 pigeons back in 1999, as part of the club “Robert Venus " , within UCPR Dambovita and, after this, the highest level of pigeon breeding performance “was at home” in the tandem house formed by Mr. Mihai Tita and Mr. Balcan Andu from the town Voinesti, Dambovita County.

Even from the establishment of the tandem, the two passionate pigeon fanciers have focused mainly on distance and marathon races, which have become today “the house specialty”. This is exactly what the masters fanciers Tita and Andu are now more interested in, namely the super-quality pigeons who can achieve outstanding performance in distance and marathon and set records for 2-3 consecutive years for distances between 800 and 1000 km. In 2008, the tandem won the title of excellency in pigeon keeping. These results were not possible in the years 2011 and 2012 because of a specific incident.








The lines that are the fundament in the formation of the current batch of birds are those derived from valuable birds provided by Eng. Sima Ungureanu, Georgescu brothers, Eng. Mihai Popescu from Bucharest, Stichelbout, Marcel Desmet, Bricoux Marc Rossens, Emiel Denisto, to which, in time,  extremely valuable specimens from Schaschkow (France), FR. de Bekker (Netherlands), M.HokReijnen Alphen (Netherlands) and, last but not least, David Clausing, through the grand daughter GR- 07-106630 (U.S.A.-97-0501) were added.

In time, the pillars of Tita-Andu’s breeding house have been represented by the following pigeons:




- Super-breeder ,,Decebal" (RO-18868/97) with its children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, which have successfully flown long distance marathon races.

- “Maraton” - RO-375727-01, 2nd place at the marathon F.C.I, UCPR national exhibition in 2004


"Maraton", son of "Decebal"


- “Zeita” - RO-580838-06, daughter of "Maraton":

 - 2nd place at marathon F.C.I, UCPR national exhibition in 2008

 - 3rd place at marathon F.C.I., national championship 2008 – 2009

 - grandchildren flew directly to Donets' k (1015 km) in 2012:

- RO-2218059-2011, RO-2218018-2011 (see Donets'k 2012 section on;



- “Lady Diana” (RO-01823/99) A great flyer and super-reproductive);




- “Septarul” (RO-00082/97) - a class of Super-breeder  from the Stichelbout line);




-  ,,Septarul Cuplul de Aur” (RO-00037-97), a class super breeder from the same line Stichelbout

- “Ochi Rosii” (NL-1914416/07) with 4 offsprings who flew directly to the Donets' k, 1015 km,



- “Sinel” (RO-872128/07) with grandsons 3rd place nationwide, long distance etc.


Good results cannot be obtained by mating two good birds, unless they are derived from genetically stabilized lines. Positive characters are hereditarily transmitted following well-established laws. In recent years we have taken into account and applied the theories of Piet de Weerd and those of the great Hungarian genetic scientist Prof. Alfons Anker. As a result, we obtained a high percentage of valuable products. Otherwise, the probability of obtaining quality pigeons with good results in competitions is very small.



“Decebal” and his son


My statements above are based on the theory according to which the successful coupling of the 31 pairs of chromosomes from the father and mother can only be achieved through a well thought inbreeding that results in obtaining positive characters in their off-springs (positive characters such: sports orientatio, guidance, health etc.). Finally, such quality breeding products enter into a cycle of crossings with quality products from other breeding lines, leading to excellent results obtained over time.

A simple matter of fact which comes to reinforce ​​the high value of Tita-Andu’s breeding house is that, after a year of competition break, in 2012 the two had the courage to engage directly in a tough marathon stage, at Donets' k, 1015 km, a total of 13 pigeons (including 2 pigeons hatched later). Out of the 13 birds engaged in competition, a total of 9 birds have returned and 4 were ranked (see Donets' k 2012 section on site ).




 A few days after this tough competition from Donets `k, some pigeons were engaged at 900 km Pavlograd (in Ukraine) and their last flight in 2012 was at 560 km Nikolaev (Ukraine).

The 2013 Championship is fast approaching and the tandem Tita - Andu is looking forward to it with confidence and optimism, considering the high value of their flying batch.  We wish them Good luck!



















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postat la 17:52, Sambata, 16.02.2013 de Daniel

Congratulations Mr. Tita!\r\nĀ  And good luck!
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