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A thrilling interview on pigeon sport topics with Mr. Dan Rusu - part 1

17:10, Marti, 15.09.2009


A thrilling interview on pigeon sport topics

with Mr. Dan RUSU – ASC `AS` Bucharest Club - FCPR

- part 1 -



Mr. Dan Rusu, holding two of the most important trophies he won

in his pigeon sport career



RRP: Today we are visiting the loft of Mr. Dan Rusu from Bucharest, another Olympic competitor Romania had in Dortmund, Germany, 2009. Good afternoon, Mr. Rusu. When did you first get involved with pigeons?

D. Rusu: Greetings. I first got involved with pigeons in 1981, at the age of 13. To be more accurate, it was 28 years ago.





RRP: Do you remember the pigeons you started with?

D. Rusu: I had two racing pigeons that my mother bought from the market place. From then on, I bought valuable pigeons from important Bucharest fanciers like Radu Ion, Mihai Popescu, Visalom Constantin, Iordache Lucian – whom I consider one of the greatest artisans of Romanian pigeon sport, then the late professor Sotir Ion etc. Later on, I started building my own pigeon sort based on hard work, passion and harsh selection. 



Some of the breeders owned by the Bucharest champion



RRP: Do you have any family members who are/were in love with pigeons the way you are?

D. Rusu: Yes, I do. My grandfather used to have lots of fancy breeds and it seems I inherited the love for pigeon sport. 


RRP: When did you carry on the first massive imports in order to mix those pigeons with your own birds?



 The loft situated in Baneasa district



D. Rusu: I made my first pigeon imports in 1997, but they were pretty small-scaled, in keeping with my financial situation back then (an original Robert Coehnen cock which is the grand-grandfather of my present stock pigeons). I imported the largest number of pigeons in 2005, helped by a close pigeon sport friend. I’m talking about Mr. Simion Emil. Without his support I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to buy these birds. That year I brought in top quality pigeons from various worldwide pigeon sport celebrities.  



  A highly appreciated racer



RRP: Did you mix the above mentioned pigeons?

D. Rusu: I coupled those pigeons with my very best breeders in order to shorten their offspring acclimation period and to make the results come quicker. And it paid off. Why do I go on like that? Because I still believe that imported pigeons need several generations to get accustomed to the local conditions.    



Picture taken inside the racing section



RRP: Coming back to all those pigeons imported in 2005, could you share us few more details?

D. Rusu: Of course. In 2005, together with Mr. Simion Emil, I went to Kessel, in Germany, the hottest spot in worldwide pigeon sport, every fancier dreams about. And my dream came true. Afterwards, we went to pay a visit to several famous pigeon fanciers like Louis Van Loon, Van Dyck, Camphuis, Adrianssen, Andreas Drapa, Marcel Sangers, Van Der Pasch, Peter v.d. Merwe, F. Labeeuw. As I’ve told you before, I had the opportunity to come and see famous pigeons in their own homing loft.   


Top quality pigeons were brought in from Georges Carteus’s loft



RRP: And did you have the chance to buy pigeons from these fanciers?

D. Rusu: Yes, I did. I bought pigeons from some of them.   


RRP: How many pigeons did you bring in from abroad starting with 2005?

D. Rusu: Since 2005 until 2007 I brought in around 40 pigeons. Results paid off the very next year, but as I’ve just mentioned, you got to have lots of patience with such pigeons when mixing them with your stock birds that proved to be top performers in their turn. For instance, in 2007 I achieved my best results with some descendants I bred out of a Labeeuw cock and a Vandenabeele hen (also given to me by my dear friend Mr. Simion Emil). These three youngsters did very well within the last race, from Presov (the derby race). To be more accurate, all of them clocked in top 30 prizes when talking about the club standings. It was an extreme tough race: not a single pigeon returned home on the first day, and the birds started to arrive after 11 A.M. the next day.       



 The pedigree of a precious Stichelbaut pigeon



RRP: What type of races do you prefer?

D. Rusu: I enjoy all type of races, but I’m particularly into long-distance races. From my perspective these are the most exciting and the toughest competitions. Nevertheless I managed to acquire good results no matter the category.   


RRP: What’s the name of the club you are a member of?

D. Rusu: I’m a member of ASC `AS` Bucharest Club, a club with strong competitors like Simion Emil, Sandu Catalin, Visalom Constantin, Popescu Petre, Barzoianu Constantin, Zamfir Gheorghe, the combination Stanescu + Dobre and so on and so forth.


Philippe Frederick pigeons have an honored place inside the breeding section



RRP: What’s the flying route and what do you think about it?

D. Rusu: The flying route is up to Ardeal. I think Ardeal is the toughest route if I were to compare with a flight across the plain field. And this is happening out of several reasons. First of all, pigeons do not come across serious obstacles when flying over the plain field. Secondly, when flying from Ukraine, the back wind helps them to return quicker. Now that I have raced over the mountains I would never race again over the plain field, even if I did that for almost 15 years. I think you cannot take the best out of the real pigeons if they fly over the plain field, because they return home in large flocks and so the bird doesn’t have to be a top quality performer to make a good result. On the other hand, the satisfaction you get when flying over the mountains is different, even if the arrivals do not occur so constantly.   





RRP: Do you consider there are different types of pigeons depending on the category: short, middle, long and extreme long-distance?

D. Rusu: There are no short, middle and long-distance pigeons to me. It’s all about the motivation, health condition, feeding method, what you can offer the pigeon and its racing condition. A top quality pigeon must return home no matter the distance. 





RRP: What do you think is the most important thing to achieve top results: the intrinsic quality of pigeons or the manner they are taken care of? 

D. Rusu: They are both important to me. There is a symbiotic connection between the loft, the fancier and the pigeon. It is of great importance how you prepare your pigeon for the 1st and 2nd category, that is short and middle-distance, because it’s not the distance that shows you the quality of the bird. In my perspective, road training and preparation method are extremely important. When talking about long-distance competitions, this is where the pigeon’s value comes in to play, consisting both of his physical endurance and intrinsic quality. If the pigeon also performs in long-distance races throughout a racing season, fatigue is another issue he has to deal with. For this reason, the bird should not be squeezed to the bone, on the contrary. Then you should have clearly stated in your mind the category you want to play. 









A top prize won after a tough long-distance race

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