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Short history about the Dario Luci & Claudiu brothers pigeon breeding sport - FCPR Mehedinti County

14:31, Duminica, 14.07.2013

Short history about the Dario Luci & Claudiu brothers pigeon breeding sport, from Drobeta Turnu Severin, Mehedinti County, affiliated to UCPR until 2012 and since 2013 members within FCPR




We have been unfolding our passion for pigeon breeding from 2009 and up to 2012 within the “Phoenix” Club from Mehedinti, UCPR affiliated, and we managed to conquer some remarkable results. From 2013 we will start a new journey within FCPR.

We believe that our results developed fast first of all due to our seriousity and ambition and secondly because we started this journey with high value pigeons. Fortunately we were rightfully guided by two experienced people with good knowledge and experienced in pigeon breeding (the pigeons they provided from different lines quickly found their places among the best in the national rankings).

A solid proof of this fact is that in only two years of competitions, from 2011 to 2012 we managed to win over 100 first rankings and more than 200 second and third rankings in all categories.



For example: if during 2011 we obtained 14 National Cups, 5 of them were first place, 4 of them were second place and the other 5 were third National, we also won the National second best for number of standards – 331 ....

In 2012 we obtained 25 National Cups at all categories from which 10 first place, 13 second place and 3 third place and we also won the National first place for number of standards – 472, National first place at the Standard M category and National third, fourth and fifth places for pigeons with most standards gained within a year, 18.



Presently our pigeons come from a few bloodlines of well-known breeders such as Batenburg (Arden), J&W Molenjdijk, Ad Fortuin, George Carteus, Brockamp, Limbourg Erik, Meulemans, Barbry, Van Coppenolle, but also some pigeons are from a good friend and have Eijerkamp, Jan V.D  Pash, Van Loon, Jannsen, Peter V.D  Merwe bloodlines.

Among our top pigeons we mention the male RO-2426217-2010 that comes from the pair of NL-07-1764058 male, from Mr. J&W Molenjdik’s (Holland) breeding and the FR-05-540734 female, imported from MOULIN ROUGE and coming from two successful pigeons from Mr. Simonetta Jacques that obtained within the UCPR in 2011 the following results:

·       National 1st place AS M+Y 2011

·       National 1st place AS Y 2011

·       National 1st place Fond Y 2011

·       National 1st place General Y 2011

·       EXPO NATIONAL 1st place Super AS M+Y 2011

·       National 2nd place Demifond Y 2011

·       National 3rd place Fond M+Y 2011

Its sister, RO-2320903-2011 (“SLAVA 2”) gained in the next year in 2012 the following results :

·        National 4th place for pigeons with most standards gained within a year, 18 (it ranked in everything ranging from 100 to 1.000 km, accumulating 6575 km ranked within a year).

·        National 4th place AS Y

·        National 11th place Super AS Y 

·        National 86th place Big Fond

·        National 75th place AS Marathon




One of our best pairs of both fliers and breeders is made up of the “DARIUS” RO-26654-2010 male and “ARGINTICA” RO-2426349-2010 female.

“DARIUS” has a record of three years and 30 rounds, accumulating over 10.000 km flights and obtaining in 2012 the following:

·       National 1st at the Standard Category

·       National 2nd Super AS Palm

·       National 2nd Super AS M +Y

·       National 9th General Palm, 3 years

·       National 15th General Palm, 2 years

·       National 19th AS Palm, etc



“ARGINTICA” has a record of three years and 28 rounds, accumulating over 10.000 km flights and obtaining in 2012 the following:

·       National 1st at Super AS Palm

·       National 1st at Expo Super AS Palm

·       National 4th at Super AS M+Y

·       National 16th at AS Palm 2 years, etc



They have bred a series of highly valuable cubs that since their first year were ranked among the National best and from which we mention RO-2325825-2011, RO-2056005-2012, RO-2056029-2012, RO-2056066-2012.

            In conclusion, we would like to state one thing – that from our perspective regarding pigeon health, the reliability and devotion for everything we do equals in importance the pigeon health and quality, the food deliverance and the program we apply on it.

            I hope that the year 2013 will bring to all the pigeon breeders out there the joy and fulfillment that we had during the last year!" Swift flights!”














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postat la 11:45, Vineri, 26.07.2013 de stanescu cristi

the besttttttt !!!\r\n
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