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A short presentation about results of Mr. Silviu Glodeanu, UCPR Dambovita, Romania

01:25, Joi, 03.03.2011



My name is Glodeanu Silviu, I’m from Romania and I’m a pigeon fancier member within Vulcana Pandele club, Dambovita county, UCP (The Union of Professional Pigeon Fanciers). I further introduce you two of the best birds I own at present. The first one, RO-08-47516, a hen whose father is from Simion Emil (Jan vd Pasch x Janssen Arendonk), while her mother comes from my uncle, Andrei Marius (100% Philippe Frederick).



Here’s a list of her performances:

1o Nat UCP Middle-distance Yearlings 2009
2o Nat UCP Short-distance Record Yearlings 08/09
1o Nat UCP Short-distance Record 09/10

Balkanic pigeon at Salonic 2010

Substitute for the National Olympic Team at Poznan 2011


2o Carei - 371 km - 1275 birds
3o Carei - 371 km - 1950 birds
5o Tasnad - 348 km - 535 birds
11o Carei - 371 km - 1478 birds
33o Hida - 280 km - 4059 birds
75o Feleacu - 232 km - 10060 birds


1o Carei - 371 km - 1233 birds
4o Tg. Mures - 180 km - 1878 birds
5o Tg. Mures - 180 km - 1691 birds
6o Topa Mica - 263 km - 1348 birds

RO- 08-47528 is a cock coming from Simion Emil loft, a crossbreeding between Marcel Sangers x Janssen Arendonk x Piet Manders x Dirk van Dick.


Here’s a list of his performances:

3o Nat UCP Middle-distance Yearlings 2009
2o Nat UCP Short-distance Record 09/10


2o Tasnad - 348 km - 2990 birds
12o Carei - 371 km - 1438 birds
34o Hida - 280 km - 4059 birds
25o Carei - 371 km - 2341 birds


1o Carei - 371 km - 4474 birds
2o Carei - 371 km - 1233 birds
4o Carei - 371 km - 1372 birds
7o Topa Mica - 263 km - 1348 birds
11o Tg. Mures - 180 km - 1878 birds
25o Tg. Mures - 180 km - 8846 birds


Following a perfect race from Carei (371 km), when they got home together (the 1st and the 2nd place from 1233 birds), I must confess that the next week was awful. RO-08-47528 returned home with a severe injury on his wing after common road training from nearly 30 km. He couldn’t continue the season, thus missing the Middle-distance category with a coefficient of nearly 4 penalty points in 3 races!



After winning the 1st prize from 1233 birds, RO-08-47516 was the only bird that didn’t get home the next race. I couldn’t believe my eyes! After 5 x 1st prizes, everything was falling apart, nothing was making any sense. It was like everything I had accomplished that season was in vain. I was so upset that I began to neglect my pigeons (you probably know what I’m talking about). 


After weeks of waiting and tones of notices posted on the internet, keep looking at the perch where she used to rest, I became hopeless since having no result. Two months later, while I was away, I get a phone call from my father: “SHE’S BACK!” I was puzzled for a few seconds, didn’t know what my father was talking about, but I soon realized what he meant. I rushed home in a tizzy blink of an eye. What a feeling, what a joy, what a thrill in my heart… all of these passed through my body at the same time (I’m sure you know the feeling). After 6 weeks of wandering, “47516” was finally home. It was like a miracle to me. Her legs were full of mud and dirt because the summer of 2010 was a rainy season.


I ended up the season winning the 1st  place by club / the 2nd place by liberation from Presov (550 km), the last old birds race. At the end of 2010, a year full of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, “47516” and “47528” won the 1st and the 2nd National Short-distance Record. RO-08-47516 was substitute for the National Olympic Team at Poznan 2011 (she was the only pigeon from UCP nominated for the Sport Discipline, A Category, 979 points).


These two birds reside now in the breeding section. They are priceless, the most precious and beautiful pigeons in the whole wide world for me!



Translated by Andrei – Silviu Oprea

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postat la 12:09, Joi, 03.03.2011 de wyo

A very precios and also very beautiful pigeons. Congratulations !!!

postat la 14:51, Joi, 03.03.2011 de sebi

deci pt anul asta vei forma cuplul de aur....!!!felicitari!

postat la 08:07, Vineri, 04.03.2011 de GG Dobre

Congratulations my friend! I wish you a succesful year and i hope you will keep us update with the results you will get off of this \"Golden Pair\" babies.\r\n

postat la 23:20, Vineri, 04.03.2011 de gaby


postat la 00:47, Duminica, 17.04.2011 de Anamaria

Bravo :D
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