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Outstanding results in 2009 for Mr. Oprea Florentin, Finta, UCPR Dambovita

13:54, Joi, 10.12.2009


Outstanding results in 2009 for Mr. Oprea Florentin

from Finta, UCPR Dambovita





Despite achieving remarkable results over the last few years within the Finta club and the National championship, we must admit that 2009 was a year with outstanding results for Mr. Oprea Florentin, results that every pigeon fancier dreams about. Words are useless, that’s why we leave the race records to speak for themselves on the results of Mr. Oprea.    


The General Championship (Old birds + Yearlings)

3rd place – RO-554167-2002-M


Middle-distance All Round (2008-2009) (Old birds + Yearlings)

3rd place – RO-554167-2002-M


Long-distance All Round (2008-2009)

2nd place – RO-659058-2006-M


Extreme long-distance All Round (2008-2009)

1st place – RO-659019-2006-F

 2nd place – RO-659160-2006-F

5th place – RO-532033-2003-F

8th place – RO-532127-2006-M

(4 birds among the first 8 national winners!)


The General Championship All Round (2008-2009) (Old birds + Yearlings)

3rd place – RO-554167-2002-M


F.C.I. Extreme Long-distance All Round (2008-2009)

1st place – RO-659019-2006-F

2nd place – RO-659160-2006-F

9th place – RO-532033-2003-F

(3 birds among the first 9 national winners!)


ACE Bird All Round (2008-2009)

5th place – RO-659160-2006-F (22 prizes)

 7th place – RO-554167-2002-M (21 prizes)

8th place – RO-634713-2004-F (20 prizes)

9th place – RO-532033-2003-F (20 prizes)

18th place – RO-659058-2006-M (18 prizes)

19th place – RO-659071-2006-F (18 prizes)

20th place – RO-597293-2004-F (18 prizes)

(7 birds among the first 20 national winners!)


Short-distance All Round 3 Years (2007-2008-2009)

2nd place – RO-554167-2002-M


Long-distance All Round 3 Years (2007-2008-2009)

 2nd place – RO-659058-2006-M

3rd place – RO-634713-2004-F


Extreme Long-distance All Round 3 Years (2007-2008-2009)

(over 2.200 km in prizes, at least 1 race over 800 km)

1st place – RO-532033-2003-F


ACE Bird All Round 3 Years (2007-2008-2009)

1st place – RO-659058-2006-F

3rd place – RO-634713-2004-F

4th place – RO-532033-2003-F

5th place – RO-659160-2006-F

7th place – RO-597293-2004-F

(5 birds among the first 7 national winners!)


All Round Pigeons 4 Years (2006-2007-2008-2009)

3rd place – RO-554167-2002-M


All Round 4 Years (2006-2007-2008-2009)

 2nd place – RO-554167-2002-M

3rd place – RO-659160-2006-F

4th place – RO-634713-2004-F

5th place – RO-597293-2004-F

7th place –RO- 532033-2003-F

8th place –RO-659058-2006-M

9th place –RO-532127-2003-M

11th place –RO- 532106-2003-M

(8 birds among the first 11 national winners!)


ACE Bird All Round 4 Years (2006-2007-2008-2009)

1st place –RO-634713-2004-F (36 prizes)

2nd place – RO-659058-2006-M (36 prizes)

4th place –RO-532033-2003-F (32 prizes)



Individual results achieved by Mr. Oprea’s pigeons:



- 4th place in the UCPR Exhibition 2008 – Extreme Long-distance

- UCPR National Champion – Extreme Long-distance All Round 2008-2009, with 121,89 penalty points

- UCPR National Champion FCI – Marathon, with 110,20 penalty points


RO-659160-2006-F (full sister of RO-659058-2006-M)

- National Champion in the UCPR Exhibition 2008

- 2nd National Extreme Long-distance All Round 2008-2009 with 122,37 penalty points

- 2nd National FCI Marathon 2009 with 111,24 penalty points


RO-659058-2006-M (full brother of RO-659160-2006-F)

- Champion over the FINTA Club Yearlings 2006, 7 races – 7 prizes

- 2nd National General Championship Yarlings All Round UCPR Exhibition 2007, Bulgaria – Greece racing route, 3 Long-distance races from Greece

- National Champion ACE-pigeon 3 Years All Round UCPR 2006-2007-2008

-2008: 3 Long-distance races from Poland: 5th from 2.286 p.

                                                                12th from 1.780 p.

                                                                                323rd from 6.298 p.

- National Champion ACE Bird All Round UCPR 3 Years: 2007-2008-2009

- 2nd National Long-distance All Round UCPR 2008-2009, with 45,44 penalty points

- 2nd National Long-distance All Round UCPR 3 Years: 2007-2008-2009, with 211,83 penalty points

- 2009: 5 Long-distance races from Ukraine:               

Nikolaev I - 536 Km - 91st  from 5.170 p.

Nikolaev II - 536 Km - 5th from 1.446 p.

                                                Nikopol - 729 Km - 5th from 1.148 p.

                                                Kazanca - 636 Km - 28th from 2.523 p.

                                                Pavlograd - 871 Km - 122nd from 2.364 p.



- 2nd Marathon FCI 2008 UCPR, with 180,12 penalty points

- National Champion UCPR Extreme Long-distance All Round 2007-2008-2009 UCPR, with 419,06 penalty points


RO-532040-2003-M (father of National Champion UCPR, RO-659019-2006-F, uncle of Champions RO-659058-2006-M and RO-659160-2006-F)

- A super racer

- 1st  - Pavlograd 2008 - 871 Km, from 2.364 p.

- 47th - Nikolaev I - 536 km, from 5.170 p.

- Including a race from Moscow - 1.500 Km



In addition to the above mentioned results, the only thing we could do is to sincerely congratulate Mr. Oprea for his passion and demureness, for his pigeons and outstanding results!


We can’t put an end to this series of tremendous results without introducing you a few pictures with the leading actors of this successful motion picture, with the champions of the champion, genuine jewels of the sky, properly and metaphorically speaking: 












































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