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Bebe Chicheanu - Paul Rusu, Constanta, Romania - Unbelievable again in 2010

11:02, Marti, 07.12.2010


Bebe Chicheanu-Rusu, (Romania): Unbelievable again in 2010 –

4 Olympic pigeons, Poznan (Poland)



When we mention the name ‘Bebe Chicheanu’ we are talking about an old friend of PIPA and the Gyselbrecht family. He was also the first Romanian bidder on the PIPA-website going back in 2003.




The first pigeon he bought at PIPA was an original Houben cock, and henceforth a beautiful friendship existed between Bebe, the Gyselbrecht family and PIPA, and between Bebe and PIPA's agent in Romania: Dr.Dinu Mihai.

Realizing that to be at the top you had to invest in the best of the best, Bebe, who had only been a  fancier since 2002, made his first trip to Belgium in 2004.

Another visit followed in 2005 and superb pigeons were bought directly from the best of the following fanciers: the Gyselbrecht family, Gaby Vandenabeele, Ad Schaerlaekens, Mark Vandaele, Noel Lippens, Erik Limbourg, Chris Hebberecht, Louis van Loon, Gebr. Janssen, Freddy Vandenheede and Gust Christiaens.

Fabulous Champions saw the light of day from all these super strains.


In 2004, Bebe organized the Romanian National Days in his own province of Constanta, and he invited a select group of fanciers from Belgium and Holland, namely Carlo Gyselbrecht, Ad Schaerlaekens, SilvereToye, Mark Vandaele, Chris Hebberecht, Jack Van Der Wegen, Noel Lippens, all of them impressed by Romania and the smoothness with which Bebe organized their trip. It goes to show, all of them remained good friends of Bebe’s.

Besides his unbelievable results, year after year, Bebe also had marvellous references all over the country and in all kinds of  geographic conditions. To remind you of just a few:

1 National Speed Champion 2005, direct from Bebe as a youngster;

1 National Middle Distance 2009, direct from Bebe as a youngster;

1 national Middle Distance Old pigeons 2010 (mother from Bebe).


It's not the first time he’s taken part in an Olympiad. He had 2 pigeons in the Olympiad which took place 2 years ago, amongst them his famous "41", perhaps the best middle distance pigeon ever to fly the Romanian skies.


We will now give you a short presentation of the 4 Olympic pigeons which will make their owners famous in Poznan 2011:


Bred from 2 original Louis Van Loon: 6413595-06 and 6258752-02

Participating in the speed category:

Pechea                    7330 pigeons – Place 14
Podul Turcului         7215 pigeons – Place  2
Draguseni                5596 pigeons - Place 36
Draguseni                3857 pigeons – Place 52
Draguseni                2447 pigeons – Place 35
Suceava                  2129 pigeons -  Place 7  
Suceava                  1730 pigeons -  Place 3
Suceava                  1318 pigeons -  Place 2

RO-000496 - 07

Bredfrom 2 original Gaby Vandenabeele: 3006691-05 (son “Bliksem”)  3006698- 05

(daughter “Condor”)

 Pechea                    7330 pigeons - Place 15
Podul Turcului         7215 pigeons -  Place 14
Draguseni                5596 pigeons -  Place 5
Draguseni                3857 pigeons -  Place 54
Draguseni                3830 pigeons -  Place 48
Draguseni                3527 pigeons -  Place  2
Draguseni                2135 pigeons -  Place 21
Draguseni                2447 pigeons -  Place 50
Suceava                  2129 pigeons -  Place 23
Suceava                  1730 pigeons -  Place 37
Suceava                  1318 pigeons -  Place 33
Suceava                  1003 pigeons -  Place  4 


RO-000884 -08

Bred from 2 original Ferry Van Loo: 2185270-05 and 2185277-05

Speed category

 Pechea                   7330 pigeons –  Place 13
Podul Turcului         7215 pigeons –  Place 29
Draguseni                5596 pigeons -  Place 13
Draguseni                3857 pigeons –  Place 50
Draguseni                3830 pigeons –  Place 47
Draguseni                3527 pigeons –  Place  8
Draguseni                3040 pigeons –  Place  1
Draguseni                2135 pigeons -  Place 19
Draguseni                2447 pigeons –  Place  3
Suceava                  2129 pigeons –  Place  3
Suceava                  1730 pigeons -  Place  7
Suceava                  1318 pigeons -  Place  3
Suceava                  1003 pigeons -  Place 35

Bredfrom 2 original Freddy Vandeheede:

4045246 - 05 (grandson “Limoges”, De Rauw-Sablon) X 4045303 - 05 (daughter Primus” and “Mata Hari”)

 Pechea                    7330 pigeons -  Place 31
Podul Turcului         7215 pigeons –  Place  1
Draguseni                5596 pigeons -  Place 12
Draguseni                3857 pigeons -  Place 53
Draguseni                3830 pigeons -  Place 54
Draguseni                3527 pigeons -  Place  3
Draguseni                2135 pigeons -  Place 25
Draguseni                2447 pigeons -  Place  4

Suceava                  1730 pigeons -  Place 56

An unbelievable year for Bebe Chicheanu and for his manager Paul Rusu, as both of them race under the name Chicheanu-Rusu, a superb team which will give great meaning to the name of the Romanian sport.

Congratulations from the entire PIPA-team!
















PiPa - 03/12/2010

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