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Interview with a Romanian Champion – Mr. Nicu Bizdrigheanu from Urziceni - Highlights – Part II

23:31, Vineri, 26.02.2010


Interview with a Romanian Champion – Mr. Nicu Bizdrigheanu from Urziceni

- Highlights -

Part II




RRP: Do you believe in eyesign?

N. Bizdrigheanu: Yes, I do. I like pigeons having that small horseshoe below the pupil (less than 25% comparing to eye circumference), while the eye should be sparkling and well irrigated. It doesn’t matter what colour it is, but a dark pigment is a must. I’d rather prefer birds with fiery red eyes, but life taught me that champion birds have all sorts of eye colours. For instance, the winning bird that won the first one loft race I set up, a Robert Venus hen, was having yellow eyes. Back then, this colour didn’t fit my taste, so I gave away her youngsters to whomever I knew. In long-distance races, all of her youngsters performed fairly well, but this wasn’t my case because I was not having one single bird out of this female. When I woke up and kept her babies... things started to work out for me too. I don’t believe the best breeders have that distinct eyesign. If so, we would instead select pigeons that fit only this standard. But a smart pigeon is always betrayed by his eye, it has a sparkle in his eye and a clever look that I cannot explain.





RRP: What about the wing and the feathers of a pigeon, do you prefer a certain type?

N. Bizdrigheanu: A rich plumage is a shortcoming, the same way poor feathering is a flaw. I remember the time when I was having show racers with rich feathering, and this flaw was slowing down my pigeons in the air. The feathers should be silky so it cannot retain water and the pigeon could easily forward slip in the air.     


RRP: What can you tell us about the secondary and primary flights?

N. Bizdrigheanu: I like pigeons with broad secondaries and long primaries, but I found out that this is not of too much importance. I remember that my first winning pigeon, who won the 4th National Long-Distance All-round, was having a poor wing.





RRP: In order to achieve top results, what do you think is the most important ingredient: the intrinsic quality of a pigeon or the conditioning provided by the fancier?  

N. Bizdrigheanu: Both of them, but first and foremost is the quality of the bird. In sprint races it is the conditioning provided by the fancier. When talking about long-distance races, the quality of the pigeon outranks the conditioning. Unfortunately, we’ve started to take the wrong path with this new range of products existing on the market. We’re just like a sheep herd: if someone used “Super Elixir”, then everybody is out there, buying “Super Elixir” in their turn. But no one is concerned about the proper quantity to be used. And instead of using “Super Elixir” and check the leaflet, one would add “Blitz Forte” too. And both of these products are one and the same thing, of different concentration instead. If you give the pigeon both of these products, you will make a mess of it, you will damage its liver and consequently the bird will get lost. You’d rather apply some tested and proven recipies. For instance, Nici Bizdrigheanu, who is a fan of Silvere Toye, uses his methods. Some other guy, who is a fan of Eric Limbourg, follows his methods. But if you apply multiple recipies at the same time and you are not a specialist either, you will rather harm the pigeons. For the past two years, I stopped giving my pigeons energizers and they became better and more constant. Bottom of line: it is us who cause harm and destroy our pigeons.





RRP: Could you please share us some of your little secrets you apply during the racing season?  

N. Bizdrigheanu: In 2009, I broke all the rules of the widowhood game. I don’t practice the widowhood system the same way most fanciers do. That’s because I don’t have widowhood nestboxes and because I race a large number of pigeons. I have an attendant who is cleaning the loft and I don’t have the necessary time to show 70 hens to their mates. What I do is some kind of a harem: I gather all the cocks and basket them, then I release the females. The result is a complete madhouse: the cocks struggle to get out of the baskets, the hens come all over, thus resulting a number of pigeons enough motivated to achieve top results. Back when I was road training during the week, I had never let the cocks treading their hens. This year, I let them do whatever they wanted to on Thursday and Friday during training and they performed extraordinary. My long-distance birds performed poorly instead.       


Translated by Andrei – Silviu Oprea





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postat la 11:26, Miercuri, 03.03.2010 de iustin ciubotariu

Un columbofil care a facut ceva pentru...noi.

postat la 05:22, Luni, 11.10.2010 de stefan

J'aime colombe nommée "Hagi" est un pigeon grande. Félicitations!
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