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Interview with Mr. Petre Petre, from Floresti, FRSC Giurgiu - Highlights

11:55, Miercuri, 30.06.2010


Interview with Mr. Petre Petre, from Floresti, FRSC Giurgiu

- Highlights -



RRP: Have you ever visited pigeon fanciers while you were working in Germany?

P. Petre: No, I haven’t. It was only after the year 2000 that I visited a large number of fanciers across Europe. But the one whom I appreciate the most still remains the Belgium champion Eric Limbourg. Here’s the story of my pigeonsport relationship with Mr. Limbourg: in 2002, during the National UCPR Show in Targoviste, I managed to purchase an original Limbourg male pigeon from a fancier called Alin, from Bals, Olt county. By the way, in the meantime, I had red a lot of things about Eric Limbourg’s pigeonsport theory and I was pretty impressed by his flying method. Now, comming back, this Alin I told you about used to be a loft keeper for Deno Herbots and I paid 100 US dollars for that male. I also bought from him a one year old hen that cost me another 100 $, but she didn’t lay eggs. She was a direct daughter from Eric Limbourg’s Floere Narbonne”. I brought the pigeons back to my place and I put the hen under a treatment for about 1 month. Then I paired them up and after 10 days she laid eggs. In 2003 I got my first round of babies out of this couple. In the fall of 2003 I raced their first youngster but he did’t get to finish all the races because he dropped the last two flights. The next year, I raced this youngster 5 long-distance races and among his performances there can be mentioned the 3rd prize Long-distance YB’s all over the Bucharest. Back then I used to compete within the “Swallow” Club from Bucharest. This great passion for Eric Limbourg’s pigeons stuck with me ever since. In 2008, I paid Eric my first visit in Belgium. I was simply delighted. He is a great champion. While discussing pigeon sport matters with him I found out that his youngsters are flown 2 long-distance races in the fall (500-550 km). And his yearlings must clock into prizes at least 2 long-distance races. Those who do not reach this standard are selected out without any remorse. We must bear in mind that Eric used to be a high-performance athlete and he even played for the Belgium national soccer team.             



A son from "Lucky 77"


RRP: Could you please tell us how many birds did you purchase directly from Eric Limbourg’s loft  in recent years?

P. Petre: I think I purchased 12 birds. Among this birds there were direct sons from his champions, 2500 EUR each. During my first visit, I came back with a nephew from “Floere Narbonne” and a niece from “Lucky 77”. The second time I went there I bought a son from “Favoriet” (the best son of “Jost”) and a nephew from “Lucky 85”. Eric recommended this pigeons for me. After that, we kept in touch via internet. He was sending me the pedigrees, I was transfering him the money to a bank account and received the pigeons on Otopeni airport. The last time I went to Eric I brought Mr. Marcel Nicolaescu two pigeons: a full brother of “Lucky 85” and a daughter from “Blue As”. This hen from “Blue As” made me such an impression that I bought myself a youngster from “Blue As”. I also got a son from “Lucky 77”, a son from “Avanti”, a daughter from “Genoa”, nephew from “Jost” etc.




RRP: What do you like most, good looking or quality pigeons?

P. Petre: I will answer with a question: Have you ever seen quality pigeons that look ugly? I will give you an example that I personally experienced: the first time I went paying a visit to Eric Limbourg I handeled three of his champions. Let me tell you that I was impressed by the way they were looking in my hands: beautiful and perfect. I haven’t met so far a pigeon looking better than Eric Limbourg’s “Blue As” and believe me that I visited many lofts in my life. Each and every top quality pigeon has something that makes it special, something that makes an impression on you. A champion pigeon cannot be a bird with physical flaws. If so, he can’t reach the top. And if I were to have an ugly looking champion bird in my loft, I would cull him because I care a lot for the looks of my pigeons. I love pigeons with white bills and bars.   


RRP: Could you go into more details concerning the way you select and make the breeding couples?

P. Petre: The moment I got inside the breeding sections of Eric Limbourg and I began handling some of his pigeons, I wasn’t so impressed by the way they were looking. And when I asked Eric about this thing, he replied that he is particularily interested in the pedigree of a breeding pigeon. From his perspective, a breeding couple proves to be good when its youngsters resemble with their parents, grandparents. But if the babies “turn” otherwise, that couple is not worthwhile. Coming back to your question, I also follow the law of physical compensation regarding the two partners when I put together the breeding pairs.  


Translated by Andrei – Silviu Oprea

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