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Niculescu-Burtin from Bucharest (Rumania)

17:34, Marti, 08.06.2010


Niculescu-Burtin from Bucharest (Rumania)


In fact the beginning of our friendship started with a call that one of my lost pigeons the 2002/6495178 entered the lofts of Mihai. So it was with pleasure that I gave the permission to hold this pigeon and breed out of it.



Two pigeon friends found a good partnership for racing in Rumania. Season 2010

started excellent for this new partnership:

25.04.2010:  6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19………..155 km

02.05.2010:  3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,……155 km

09.05.2010: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,..220 km

15.05.2010: A wonderful  race : 2,4,5,6,13,14,…… at 326 Km from more then 5500 pigeons.
Frans Burtin

That was the beginning of an honest relationship between real pigeon fanciers. Mihai ordered some time later some of my youngsters and apparently the crossing with his own blood streams was not so bad. In fact, that was not so a surprise for me, as my real inbreeded pigeons, the result of a passionate search of more then 30 years, had proven already at a lot of fanciers to match easily with their bloodlines. For mid- and long distance races. I already had a lot of thankful pigeon-friends, performing well with the input of my feathered friends. For me it was a pleasure receiving phone calls from fanciers of Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Austria telling me their results. That made me happy. Only from an Italian fancier, who won in 2008 the first National 2 Ace pigeons Yearlings, with his pigeons crossed to mine, I received a message that they were angry that I should not have mention this it in a pigeon paper? That was really hurtful for me, because I only did it because I was proud myself with their results, and it was my sincere intention to help them. But that's live I think. For personal and medical reasons I had to stop myself racing in 2005. "Finir en beauté" winning that year once more the championship fond yearlings in the club. It was at that time, for me a very difficult decision. I decided that I would wait as long as I would be certain that the remaining pigeons, would be taken over by a passionate and good fancier. So 10 of the old ones went to Germany and the remaining 63 went to Rumania in 2009..I am still happy that my wife advised me to keep a few pigeons for my pleasure. So I kept one of each of the 3 bloodlines from the old birds and all the youngsters who were at that moment still in the nest. So that at this very moment, I still have for my pleasure about 12 couples. Furthermore Mihai is racing now under the name Niculescu-Burtin, so that at my old days, I still have the feeling being in competition.

Many thanks for this to Mihai and his lovely wife...I am convinced that with his passion and knowledge he will become a very repudiated Pigeon Fancier in Rumania.



Mihai Niculescu

My passion for pigeons dates back since childhood, when my father used to keep pigeons for fun. Since 1968 I started to get involved with pigeon sport as a member of Bucharest “Columba” Club and my greatest satisfaction as a fresher came in 1971, when I raced for the first time a long-distance flight. I remember shipping 4 birds and two of them returned home. My first arrived pigeon was a blue cock, ring number RO – 16464 – 70.

Between 1988 and 1989 my pigeons got seriously ill and I wasn’t able to find a vet who could help me. For this reason, between 1990 and 1999 I went each and every year several times to Barcelona, visiting Mr. Carlos Márquez Prats. He and a good friend of mine living there, Marius Popa, together with Dr. Jose Merchan, a doctor with wide experience in treating animals of any kind and pigeons in particular, helped me to study the necessary medicine for treating pigeons. That was a time when I also learned a lot of things about keeping and taking care of pigeons from Mr. Carlos Márquez Prats, who put all of his trust in me. He also gave me a few top quality pigeons with whom I achieved fine results.

In 1999 I met Mr. Florin Moldovan, the greatest Romanian fancier, with the best national and international results. And the most important thing is that pigeons coming from this loft performed very well everywhere they have been sold, from 100 till 1.000 km, worldwide. Aside from the many local fanciers who achieved great results with his pigeons, there are also foreign lofts that did very well with Mr. Moldovan’s birds: Bardos Istvan, Nitroi Ferentz, Horvart Janos – Totobanyo from Hungary, Erik Limbourg – from Belgium, Eros Carboni from Italy, John Sulea – from USA, as well as many fanciers from China, Thailand, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Portugal, South Africa and so on and so forth.

Due to my friendship with this magnificent fancier I had the opportunity to learn a lot of interesting things about pigeons. Mr. Moldovan also offered me top quality birds from his best breeders and the most important thing is that I had the chance to meet a lot of local and foreign fanciers, men of real ability and character, with whom I had some interesting and useful conversation.




Gratitude to Mr Burtin by Mihai

What can be more beautiful in life than to become a chance to know him better, Mister Frans Burtin, a good pigeon fancier ,who is like a book of wisdom, whenever you open it you may discover new things, things YOU DID NOT KNOW BEFORE. There are some words here:” the friends of my friends are my friends “. I can ‘t think of anything more beautiful, keeping in mind that Frans is knowing very well also the Janssen family and still and regularly visits Louis the only still living  and with his 98 years  being a legend in the pigeon sport, still talking  about memories from our beautiful pigeon sport.
And that’s not all, Frans knows many fanciers of Belgium and a lot of fanciers throughout the world who are still grateful for the Burtin birds they have obtained and which allowed them to enjoy remarkable results in our sport.

After we became friends, because of age and the bad sight due to his Macola disease, he had to give up racing himself and to reduce the amount of his birds, so I was very happy to become all his remaining breeding birds. I can   admit that I was in high stress until the birds came to my farm .But all my doubts disappeared the moment his wonderful  breeding birds arrived safely in my loft. It was quite an event to receive 20 pairs of  pigeons with so special qualities, pigeons he became after more then 35 years searching and pairing, in fact a life time work. That became my property and matched so well pairing with my pigeons.

But pleasant surprises for me continued ,I learned much new and useful in racing, training and competition. Pigeons reproduction ,what nobody tells you about  and often remains a  secret for life. Frans Burtin was always very open and told me his experience of more then 35 years of breeding and racing pigeons. So I was thankfull and decided after we talked about, to fly together from 2009 in Bucharest under the loft name “Niculescu-Burtin team” .This year it shows out to be a  very good team achieving extremely good results in the first racing of 2010:

25.04.2010:   6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15, 16, 18, 19………..155 km

02.05.2010:   3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17,……155 km

09.05.2010:   2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 13, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23,..220 km

15.05.2010: A wonderful  race: 2, 4, 5, 6, 13, 14,…… at 326 km from more then 5500 pigeons. These results can be seen on the net BB Bucuresti and then opening the flight.

I know that I am not the only one who is racing good after bringing in his pigeons in their loft and I also know that many fanciers are contacting him regularly to tell him their obtained results. This make him happy and gives him the opinion that he is still racing himself although he had to stop in 2005 after a wonderful career. I know that it will be very hard for him to stop definitively, doing away his last 12 couples at the end of this year. But on the other hand, it will be a bless for him to realize that he had be so lucky in having the opportunity to make a lot of good friends in his pigeon carriere. From fanciers to scientists. He will never forget Dr Mohr a repudiated Vet specialized in pigeons. It has always been a pleasure for him, to have the impression that he made friends making people happy . I know that he still feels hurt that an Italian loft, making wonderful results with crossing in his pigeons, reacted angry when this was published, although they also made him happy mailing regularly their fantastic results. He never understood the reason and is still sad about.  This wonderful man with a piece of knowledge that is making jealous many outstanding pigeon fanciers  in the world , will be very happy with his name appearing on the charts as long as a Niculescu-Burtin team is there in Rumenia. What could be more wonderful at a remarkable age ,than sit in the chair and receive weekly results from competitions when the name is derived from descendents Burtin , your birds and your work over 35 years, but continue with information of great price that can always improve results .


Johan Kempen - 06/06/2010

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postat la 00:50, Joi, 10.06.2010 de samuel

felicitari domnului niculescu pentru efortul si pasiunea pentru porumbei,fapt pentru care rezultatele vorbesc...bafta in continuare...

postat la 05:19, Luni, 11.10.2010 de stefan

Félicitations à tous! M. Eros carbone est un homme très bon qui a des oiseaux. J'aime beaucoup de pigeons.encore bonne chance!

postat la 19:31, Marti, 05.06.2012 de felfoldi emil

pingeon number \r\nrom 2010 0120428
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