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Visiting one of the champions of Bucharest – Mister ILIE PUF (part 2)

16:46, Luni, 25.05.2009


Visiting one of the champions of Bucharest – Mister ILIE PUF (part 2)
Question: Please tell our reader a little bit about your pigeons.
Answer: I made the first seriousimport of pigeons in 1996, occasion with which I bought remarkable pigeons from the great breeders of Europe: Mr. Filip Herbots, Mr. Joseph De Wilder (7 pigeons), Pol Bostyn (4 pairs), Silvere Toye (1 pair), NATURAL resort – Belgium (pigeons from the Janssen lines – 8 pairs, William Geerts – 2 pairs, Wan Roy – 6 males and 3 hens).
In the loft, next to his favorites  
`Cuca`, a champion of the loft
`The Champion`, an extremely valuable hen
The pedigree of a Jos Thone original pigeon from the loft
Another remarkable pigeon bought from the Belgium maestro
The next year I imported other pigeons directly from Mr. Herbots (4 pigeons), Joseph De Wilder (1 pair), Van Damme – Boddaert (1 pair), Emile Denys, Andre Van Bruaene, Jos Thone (3 pairs among which there was also a direct daughter of the hen `De Witkop La Souterraine` who bears a striking resemblance to her mother and who is still in the loft today).
A direct daughter of this hen is today in the loft of Mr. Puf
Recently, more precise in 2008, i have also imported: 4 pigeons from the Gaby Vandenabeele line, 2 from the Marcel Aalbrecht line, 2 from the Rudi Hendricks line and 2 from the Verbruggen line.
The original pedigree of a remarkable pigeon purchased by Mr. Puf from the Van Damme - Boddaert tandem  
The pair of the Van Damme pigeon purchased by Mr. Puf 
A pigeon from Josef  de Wilder currently in Dobroiesti
The pedigree of another very appreciated bird 
In 2000 I bought a house in Dobroiesti commune (in the immediate vecinity of the Cora hipermarket from the Pantelimon neighborhood in Bucharest) with a bigger yard and sufficient space to build a bird house. I did it because in the old location from the Vatra Luminoasa county, the space in which I was forced to raise my pigeons was insufficient.
Also in 2000, the well known columbophile Sotir Ion from Bucharest died and his wife asked me to arrange selling the remaining pigeons. From the entire lot of pigeon of my late colleague and friend Sotir, I kept a number of 12 pigeons for myself and I mated them afterwards with my key pigeons.
Between 2000 and 2003 I raised pigeons both in Vatra Luminoasa and Dobroiesti. I kept the queen in Vatra and the youngsters were brought and flied in Dobroiesti. In 2003 I moved all the pigeons in my new residence in Dobroiesti and, in order to do that, I was forced to make a very strict selection. To reduce my effective of pigeons, that year I was forced to employ the 84 pigeons in the flying lot in every stages of competition, from those of speed to those of fond and marathon. With all the loses, I introduced in the loft from Vatra Luminoasa in the queen lot from Dobroiesti 49 pigeons and another 22 from the flying lot and I offered 13 from the old queen lot to my neighbor and friend Mr. Drumea Marin. The pigeons who did not earn a place in my new bird houses were sold or offered as a gift to my friends. Currently, out of lack of space, half of my pigeons from the queen lot are at Mr. Drumea.

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