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Visiting one of Bucharest’s champions – Mister ILIE PUF (part 1)

16:36, Luni, 25.05.2009


Visiting one of Bucharest`s champions – Mister ILIE PUF (part 1)
Question: When and how did your passion for pigeons appear?
Answer: As in the case of many columbophiles, my love for pigeons appeared back in my childhood. I think I was about 10-12 years old when I started to raise domestic pigeons or turbits as they are often called. I raised turbits until 1946, when I started out as an apprentice, than out of lack of time I found myself forced to give up pigeons. In 1952 I had to execute the compulsory military service and after 3 years in the army I got my ticket in 1955. The following year, I resumed my activity of raising pigeons at my own vine and figtree as before located in the Ostrov neighborhood from Bucharest, this time I bought a few pairs of homers from the marketplace.In 1958, I registered in The Racing Pigeon Association, `August 23` branch, as it was called at that time. The headquarter of the association was located on Pantelimon Road from the neighborhood with the same name.
Mr. Puf Ilie, with the most valuable trophy
Image from the hen compartment
At an international columbophile exhibition, next to doctor Boddaert 
In 1959, at the age of 27 years old, I was elected president of the columbophile association in which I had registered a year before and our club had amongst its members several columbophile veterans amongt which the following: Constantin Cionoiu, Marian Calugaru, Ion Rusu. Also, amongst the columbophile veterans from Bucharest at that time, of whom I remember with great pleasure, there are mister Nahorniac (at `Rahova` Branch), Iliuta Dumitrescu, master sergent Dogaru (ASC `Griviţa Roşie` president), engineer Corneliu Cretulescu, doctor Oracescu (at the `Obor` club) etc. At that time, the president of the Columbophile Union on the country was mister Paul Niculescu, and Mr. Valcu Constantin was the secretary.
Here I would like to remind the fact that in my quality as president of the `23 August` Branch of The Racing Pigeon Association I was in charge of organizing a beautiful and interesting release of the pigeons of the Czech breeders. The chosen release point was the Baneasa race track. It was a considerable effort which had a positive response from us, taking into consideration the fact that the pigeons were brought to Romania by train and all the cages with birds were transported than by car to the release point.
At that time, the flight route of the pigeons of the breeders from Bucharest was: Ardeal for youngsters (the last youngsters flight was the stage from Cluj), and in the spring, with mature pigeons, there were stages from Radauti Prut, Darabani, and after that stages across the border were organized, in Poland. Until 1963-1964, all pigeons were brought by train in Romania as there were no specialized transport vehicles and conditions were quite difficult.
Along with 1967 there came a change in my professional situation in the sense that I had to leave for France on business. This made me give up the pigeons and I donated all my birds to mister Constantin Dumitru. I came back from France in 1971 when I moved to Vatra Luminoasă county, but I didn`t get back to pigeons until 1983, after I ran into the man to whom I donated my pigeons when I left for France. Meeting Constantin Dumitru was the spark which rekindled my passion for pigeons. Thus, I started to purchase travelling pigeons from many important breeders from Bucharest and from the country amongst who there were: Constantin Dumitru (Schneider), Mihai Popescu, Florea Ion etc. Starting with these pigeons I reconstructed my loft and I resumed flying, but without any remarkable results.
 With two good friends, the two Hasperlaghs
 In the middle, Eric Limbourg (at my left) and Marc de Cock (at my right), in Belgium  
The years passed and in January 1990 I was elected vice-chairman of Bucharest, position I still occupy (Mr. Pavel Mihai was president at that time) and I remember with great pleasure the very beautiful columbophile exhibitions – from 1990 and 1991 – in the Capital, which I organized at the headquarter of the trading company I was running at that time. Starting with the year 1994 and until 2002, I was also the secretary of the Board of Directors on the entire country.
I have been a member of the columbophile association called `Granitul` from Bucharest since 1984 and president of this club since 2000. Concerning the association `Granitul` I want to remind here briefly about its old headquarter – very beautiful in fact, built on a surface of 110 sq meters – which I renovated and inaugurated in 1989 and which was visited by Mr. Carlos Marquez Prats who congratulated me.
In 2008 I started all the necessary actions by the local administrative authorities to built another headquarter of our association and all my efforts and my colleagues` resulted in the construction of a new, beautiful headquarter, property of our association, situated in Dobroiesti commune.

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