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An interview with Honored Master of pigeon sport, Mr. VASILIU MIHAI - part 4

11:04, Miercuri, 26.08.2009



with Honored Master of pigeon sport, Mr. VASILIU MIHAI,

from Catamarasti Vale, Botosani county







Master and apprentice



Further on, I introduce you some of the pigeons that gave me great satisfaction in competitions:


1.      12526-77 M `Leonard`, a pigeon that has been raced for 7 years on every flying route, with outstanding results;

2.      67184-71 F `Rita`, 8 prizes in top 10 during long-distance competitions;

3.      955-79 M, has been raced for 6 years on every flying route, with very good results;  

4.      304713-83 F, `J. Rijckaert`, has been raced in long-distance competitions as follows:


1985   1. Warsaw, 650 km, 1st  place;

           2. Gdansk I, 918 km, 10th place;

           3. Gdansk II, 918 km, 24th  place.


1986   1. Warsaw I, 650 km, 148th place;

           2. Warsaw II, 650 km, 158th place;

           3. Gdansk I, 918 km, 3rd place;

           4. Gdansk II, 918 km, 1st place.


5.      11409-86 F `J. Rijckaert`

1989   1. Warsaw I, 650 km, 35th place;

           2. Warsaw II, 650 km, 58th place:

           3. Gdansk I, 918 km, 54th place;

           4. Gdansk II, 918 km, 54th place;

           5. Gdansk III, 918 km, 22nd place;


1990   1. Gdansk I, 918 km, 9th place;

           2. Gdansk II, 918 km, 11th place;

           3. Gdansk III, 918 km, 38th place.


1991   1. Suwalki, 677 km, 2nd place;

           2. Gdinya, 930 km, 15th place.





6.      309905-86 M `J. Rijckaert`, a pigeon that has been raced for 5 years

1987 – middle-distance

            7 x 492 km, 133o, 123o, 1o, 6o, 1o, 27o, 22o.

1988    1 x 374 km, 3rd place;

            5 x 492 km, 88o, 15o, 4o, 18o, 17o.

1989    1. Warsaw I, 650 km, 1st place;

            2. Warsaw II, 650 km, 46th place;

            3. Gdansk I, 918 km, 55th place;

            4. Gdansk II, 918 km, 19th place.


1990    1. Gdansk I, 918 km, 20th place;

            2. Gdansk II, 918 km, 20th place;

            3. Gdansk IV, 918 km, 27th place.


1991    1. Suwalki, 677 km, 76th place;

            2. Warsaw, 650 km, 32nd place;

            3. Gdinya, 930 km, 74th place;

            4. Gdinya II, 930 km, 2nd place;

               15.429 km in prizes.


7.      51253-87 F „J. Rijckaert`

1989   1. Warsaw I, 650 km, 76th place;

           2. Warsaw II, 650 km, 49th place;

           3. Gdansk I, 918 km, 16th place;

           4. Gdansk II, 918 km, 46th place;

           5. Gdansk III, 918 km, 20th place.


1990   1. Gdansk I, 918 km, 21st place;

           2. Gdansk II, 918 km, 9th place;

           3. Gdansk III, 918 km, 41st place;

           4. Gdansk IV, 918 km, 31st place

            - this pigeon returned 3 times during the first day.


1991 1. Suwalki, 677 km, 1st place;

          2. Warsaw, 650 km, 1st place;

          3. Gdinya I, 930 km, 17th place;

          4. Gdinya II, 930 km, 12th place.


This hen was basketed for 13 races and it clocked in prizes each and every time, with more than 10.000 km in prizes. 51253-87 is full sister of 304713, 11409, 89-91 (that represented Romania during the Pigeon Olympiad, held in Holland, for the long-distance category) and full sister of 309940-86 (that represented Romania during the Pigeon Olympiad, held in Polland, 1989, for the middle-distance category).


8.      51235-87 M `J. Rijckaert`, a cock played for middle-distance races


1989   1. Kuzmina I, 387 km, 6th place;

           2. Kuzmina II, 387 km, 17th place;

           3. Kuzmina III, 387 km, 57th place;

           4. Lublin I, 492 km, 36th place;

           5. Lublin II, 492 km, 3rd place;

           6. Lublin III, 492 km, 2nd place;

           7. Lublin IV, 492 km, 2nd place;

           8. Lublin V, 492 km, 3rd place;

           9. Lublin VI, 492 km, 5th place.


           This pigeon has been basketed for 9 races and it clocked into prizes 9 times. It has 4.113 km in prizes.

            And the list may go on. These J. Rijckaert pigeons achieved very good results, both raced by me and several fanciers across the country and overseas (I would like to take this opportunity and ask those who competed with pigeons from the above mentioned birds to tell me how did they do).     



At home, with our Romanian “Janssen”




12. Given your wide experience in pigeon sport, what piece of advice would you pass to a young pigeon fancier?


-         There are 3 main aspects in pigeon sport: the pigeon, the method and the loft, or back to front;

-         Beginners should purchase that kind of pigeon they want to populate their loft with;

-        Think over and over again about what type of pigeon you want to own, train and race (for short, middle or long-distance);





-        After deciding upon the type of pigeon, carefully study a number of technical references where are presented several pigeon fanciers, their performances over the years and if they constantly reached the top;  

-        Look for the sort and the bloodlines with the highest breeding worth;

 -       Inquire for their methods when working with breeders, their feeding system, their health care schema and ultimately how they basket the pigeons in terms of nest position;

-       Buy pigeons from a loft where there are bred pigeons with a solid genetic capacity and avoid those lofts with heterogenous pigeons in terms of genetic and phenotype features;

 -     PAY ATTENTION: A “great champion” pigeon has absolutely no breeding worth as long as it doesn’t come from the sort of champions and it will produce a great number of worthless broods, being an exception to the rule;





 -      On the contrary, if its pedigree is packed with champion bloodlines (with solid genetic background), you can put it inside the breeding section without having raced it. Thus you will have many more chances to breed worthwhile youngsters because it derives from solid ancestors;

-        So you must pay careful attention when choosing your breeders. Take good care of the couple that produced the finest offspring and never set them apart;   

-        To make a long story short: when you get the opportunity to come over a worthwhile breeding couple, don’t give up on it, such a couple is one in a million;

 -         If you are dedicated to what you’re doing, if you keep on reading special articles, if you take the advice of those older than you, top results will be knocking at your door.  


At the end of our interview, we would like to thank Mr. Vasiliu on behalf of <Romanian Racing Pigeons> visitors, and to wish him all the best and every success in pigeon sport. 





Translated by: Andrei – Silviu Oprea 


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