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Visiting one of the champions of Bucharest – Mister ILIE PUF (part 4)

17:05, Luni, 25.05.2009


Visiting one of the champions of Bucharest – Mister ILIE PUF (part 4)
Question: To conclude our interview, taking into account your remarkable columbophile experience, please give the younger Romanian columbophile some pieces of advice. 
Answer: Please do not take them as simple pieces of advice as many columbophiles use to give, but appreciate them as being the conclusions of a man who has been practicing columbophilia with great passion for over 44 years and who wanted to learn from his mistakes and also from others` mistakes.
-         try to purchase pigeons with real pedigrees, only from known breeders, with very good results obtained in time;
-         fly your youngsters in autumn, on a distance of maximum 300 km, because it is a very efficient and productive method to select your pigeons;
-         do not treat your pigeons blindly and do not give them antibiotics unless the doctor advises you to;
-         do not give a very big importance to the eye color or the pigeons feathering. Hand selection of pigeons must not be an eliminatory criterion from the start. Offer all of the pigeons equal chances at flying and the basket decides it all;
-         keep clear records on all the pigeons (birthdates of the yearlings, their development, flying results, couplings, employments etc. etc.). The more date you have, the better conclusions you will draw and you will draw the most inspired conclusion.
Acknowledgement of the entire columbophile activity
A very much appreciated trophy even today by Mr. Puf  
Question: Excuse me, I have almost forgot to ask you about the results you registered, at the level of the club, in Bucharest, on a national and international level, in the past years.
Answer: Allow me not to answer this question. I prefer to let the people who know me talk about the results obtained by my pigeons and about me and than let the diplomas and the cups earned along the years do the talk. There are a lot more things to say, but I propose we stop here. Maybe in a future interview we will discuss in detail other aspects of this wonderful columbophile sport as well.
Editorial office note: For the persons interested in contacting Mr. Ilie Puf, we offer his contact data: Dobroiesti commune (situated in the immediate vicinity of Cora hypermarket from the Pantelimon neighborhood – Bucharest), mobile phone: 0744.525.866
A 47 years old diploma
One of the hundred diplomas obtained throughout the entire columbophile carrier
The work`s pay
A trophy desired by any Romanian columbophile
Relatives and descendents of these pigeons can be found in the loft of Mr. Puf

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