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Visiting one of the champions of Bucharest – Mister ILIE PUF (part 3)

16:54, Luni, 25.05.2009


Visiting one of the champions of Bucharest – Mister ILIE PUF (part 3)
Question: What can you tell us about the bird houses, the mating system, flying and training, nourishment and selection?
Answer: My current bird houses from Dobroiesti are formed of: 2 queen chambers, 4 chambers for widow males, one chamber destined to hens which fly as widowers and one for youngsters.
I mate the pigeons at the beginning of March (the queen pigeons as well as the pigeons flied on the system of viduage) and I have my first youngsters in April. Until the start of the flying season I allow my widowers to reproduce 1 youngster in order to stimulate their attachment to the loft.
Usually, around May, 1, I start flights at the club, date when I isolate the widowers from their hens.
During the daily control of pigeons
Visiting the NATURAL resort - Belgium
In Mister Jos Thone`s loft
At the end of the visit, in front of Mister Jos Thone` residence
In Belgium,visiting a close friend, Mister Mircea Rednic
Here at the stall of Mister Emiel Denys
Here next to Mr. Raileanu, in our quality of official representatives of Romania at an international columbophile exhibition
 Concerning the mating system I use I want to tell you that I prefer the lineal mating system, but also cross-breeding, function of the obtained results. For instance, I`m going to tell you about and interesting thing that happened to me: at a certain moment I lost the very valuable male of William Geerts and, in order not to lose the line, I was forced to turn to a consanguini coupling, mating the remained hen with one of its sons. From this pair, I obtained an extremely valuable pigeon with very good results at the fond competitions. Plus, practice has proved to me that if pigeons are ok with this coupling system and the flying results of the products are good, one can continue to use this coupling system.
Concerning the long discussed link between flying pigeons and reproduction, practice has proved to me too that one rarely finds a pigeon who is an extraordinary flyer and also an elite reproducer at the same time.
Regarding the food I give to the pigeons (both from the flying lot and to those of the queen lot), I prefer to prepare it myself, using recipes which prove efficient in time.
The treatments I give to my pigeons are the usual ones, namely: before coupling: treatments against intestinal worms + trichinelosis + coccidiosis, followed by a vaccine against paramyxovirosis. In December I vaccinate all the pigeons against salmonelosis and during the year I vaccinate the valuable specimens who have small health problems very rarely, when the situations asks it.
About the pigeons` treatments I can tell you that I am for the organization of private trainings for the pigeons from the flying lot (on Wednesday or on Thursday) from a distance of approximately 30-40 km, on the flying direction.
Next to maestro Silvere Toye
Congratulated by Mr. Carlos Marquez Prats
Next to the representatives of Holland, the Eijerkamps
With the multiple Belgian champion, Mr. Filip Herbots
The flight route of the pigeons from the columbophile association `Granitul` is Moldavia and I can tell you from personal experience that changing the route of pigeons comes with sacrifices. It is good that the flying route of pigeons is kept because they are of bigger class, stronger and pigeons who resist better at flights over the mountain and impose themselves are those of smaller classes.
I don`t have a favorite flight category for I obtained remarkable results in all categories. However, pigeons from the lines Van Damme, Joseph De Wilder and Herbots offered me, in time, the greatest satisfactions in fond races. I reproduce annually a number of approximately 100 youngsters from the 35 pairs of pigeons from the queen lot. In the flying lot, I have annualy around 120 pigeons (60 males + 60 hens) and I am all for the promotion of young pigeons, of yearlings. Regarding the pigeons` selection, I believe that if in a period of 3 years the pigeons do not confirm, then they must be eliminated.

Visiting one of the champions of Bucharest – Mister ILIE PUF (part 3)Top pigeons - Puf Ilie - `The Champion`Mr. Silviu Glodeanu visiting the multiple German champion Andreas DrapaDoctor Sorin Stanescu, from Bucharest - a great pigeon champion of Romania - highlightsBucharest, Prahova, Ilfov - private derby with youngsters, from Tarna Mare, September 2009
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