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The history of an olimpic hen

16:14, Marti, 23.12.2008


The history of an olimpic hen
The history of a pigeon, RO-161121-04-F
(28 place to Oostende Olympiade – Belgium – 2007)
In every year, at the end of February, I prepare the pigeons for the future couples. In 2004 I decided that the male 827101-02 proceeded from Toma Viorel of Lugoj (who`s father, 042212-00 had beed flyed and classified in the Fond category, in 2002; and the mother, 144334-98 had been flyed to Gdansk in 2001) to give him another hen, although in 2003 with the hen that he was mate I obtained a youngster, 264671-03, who obtained 8 classifys of 12 engages and she was flyed in to a national competition in Nurnberg, but she didn`t classified. With all this she realized the standardize to Demifond category.
`Olimpia`, 161121-2004
In the autumn of 2003 I brought an yearling from Rimoti Mihai of Bocsa, 266498-03, of who`s father, 16302-02 had been flyed at Magdeburg in 2002, by Marta Achim, and the mother was from Pascu Valentin. Grandfather was national champion to the Fond category of Bacos Traian, and the grandmother, 189280-92, proceeded from `Micul albastru` of Mister Nicu Bizdrigheanu. This yearling, 266483-03 didn`t want to mate. In the moment when this hen saw the male from Toma, the pigeons seems that they knew each other from all their life and they accepted each other immediately. After 10 days of rolten, I broken by mistake an egg. And from the egg that remains it get out the hen 161121-04. By the moment when the youngsters started to eat alone, I got them down, a pigeon have broked the head of the youngster and because she looked ugly I decided to kill her. But after 3-4 days the canker was better and it looked almost like nothing was there. The summer finished and then the autumn had came and the youngster started to fly. I let on this hen to fly and after the second lap she came back home hurted by a falcon, inflated like a ballon. Then I had the second reason to sacrifieed her, but her lucky star was on the look-out of her and she saved her life this time too, on the ensistents of a colleague, who helped me to treat her.
Pigeon 827101-02, `Olimpia`s father`
The flight season with the youngsters has finished, the wound has healed and the hen passed into the winter season. At the flights with the mature pigeons from next year, I had two extra hens and this hen was one who had no match. After the first flight stage, instead of coming back home, the hen 161121-04 stopped at a club colleague, Baleanu Toma, who called and announced me that the hen is in his aviary. I came after her because she didn`t want to return home anymore. At the second flight stage, the same thing happened, meaning the hen stopped in other colleague`s aviary, this time at Simion Adam. Not even after the third stage the hen didn`t want to come back to me and she stopped at Anina, about 50 km away from home, in Mister Scanteie`s aviary, who also called to announce me.
I was angry and ashamed that one of my pigeons isn`t able to return home and prefers other aviaries. Then, being so upset, I told Scanteie that he may keep her and do whatever he wants with her. But the hen seemed to read my mind and in the evening she come home, with a note on her foot, the proof that she was been at Scanteie too. At the fourth flight stage the hen didn`t engage and meanwhile she found a male who had also remained without a mate.
After that, in the last 5 stages, the hen has qualified each time. At the last national contest at Nurnberg 2, a flight where the hen qualified on the second place at the zonal contest and together with an other one year old female (I am talking about 161136-04, the 10-th in the zonal classification) qualified on the second place as a zonal breeder. In 2006, this time having a mate, the female forgot the pranks she had done in the past seasons and obtained four time the first place, twice the second place and twice the third place at a districtual contest. That was the year with the national events about the flu of the birds and we couldn`t organize any flights abroad, so we resumed at national speed contests. Unfortunately she lost her mate in the sixth stage and I realized she`s not coming back home with the same passion anymore. After the 8 th stage I decided to retreat her from the flight contests for not happen as in 2004 and lose her, considering that all the breeders were informed about her results.
At the end of the sport season in 2006, we got the first place in the district at the `speed` category, the fist place at the national speed championship for the elders, with 5,39 points, the first place in the district at the speed palmares for elders, the fourth place in the national championship called speed palmares and the first place in the district at the general palmares category, the second place in the national championship and the hen has been selected in the Romanian national Olympic team, having the right to contest at the Oostende Olympiad in Belgium, in 2007. There, the hen 161121-04 obtained the 28 th place at the general palmares category, with 103 points.
The hen 266497-03, `Olimpia`s mother
The idea of this short story: `One can never know what`s inside a pigeon`s mind and soul, can never be conscious of it`s real value. As a conclusion, we must grant a chance to every pigeon`.
Sava Gruescu - Resita

Short history about the Dario Luci & Claudiu brothers pigeon breeding sport - FCPR Mehedinti CountyThe history of an olimpic hen


postat la 03:18, Joi, 02.04.2009 de Nicolae Tacu

Povestea lui Olimpia`, 161121-2004, este impresiva si a meritat sa fie publicata. Nic
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