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An interview with Mr. Petrica COCOS – FRC – February 2009 - part 4

16:01, Vineri, 31.07.2009

An interview with Mr. Petrica COCOS – FRC – February 2009

- part 4 -




Showing lots of confidence at the beginning of 2009 racing season


RRP: Given your wide experience in pigeon sport, what piece of advice would you give to a fresher?

P. Cocos: First of all, they should be very serious, they should think about getting involved 100 times in advance. And if they do want to get involved, they should take into consideration all the necessary efforts. Finally, they need to work hard, to show no mercy while selecting pigeons and to try purchasing pigeons from serious and competitive fanciers. There’s no use in going to various lofts and buying pigeons because this is a huge mistake. They should look only for pigeons from top fanciers. This is my advice for everyone: get yourself offspring because no one knows what they are capable of as future breeders. And then there are many more chances to buy the pigeon you need. You must be gifted, you must have the hand and the eye, and you must have a certain experience in order to be fully aware when choosing your birds. Otherwise, you are looking for pigeons just like everybody else.    


It takes hard work, demureness and perseverance to get here


RRP: Did you have certain couples that brought you lots of satisfaction and proved to be unforgettable over the years?

P. Cocos: As time went by, I had a few couples with more than an excellent record. They even bred me lots of top pigeons and, as I’ve just told you, they stayed coupled that way almost their entire life. I’m focused on breeding Janssen, Van Spitael and Marc Roosens pigeons. I bought recently pigeons from Gust Christians, Gaby Vandenabeele, Freddy Vandenheede, Van Dyck, Koen Van Roy and I will stop here because I cannot speak of everybody. The couple that laid at the foundation of my loft and their blood runs through almost 90% of my pigeons’ veins is: sire RO-1041-1995, a Van Spitael-Marc Roosens combination and dam RO-047470-1992 (a 100% Van Spitael hen). These were two exceptional breeders and they simply got paired up just because they wanted so. I was very lucky and each time I wanted to break the couple I wasn’t able to do that because they were too deeply in love with one another. Whenever I would release them, they would pair up. This was a couple that left a mark on my loft. The moment they died, I immediately brought their sons and daughters in the breeding loft. I think there are 13-14 such pigeons. This is an exceptional case. I’m very glad to own such pigeons because they are special birds. Another top couple, but an exception to the rule this time (by the way, a lot of fanciers say that the younger a breeding couple is, the worthwhile it gets; and as pigeons get older they start loosing their breeding qualities, they are no longer capable of passing their features to their strain) consisted of sire 1992 Janssen-Van Spitael-Delbar, coming from Mr. Cretulescu Corneliu, and dam 1994, daughter of national champion pigeon coming from Mr. Voicu Stefan, ring number RO-60400-1994. Now I have only the hen because I made the mistake to give away his mate, but I didn’t sell it, I gave it to a friend. 99% of their male strain proved to be a super crack. I’ve never met such thing in my whole life. I think this was a couple every fancier dreams of. But most of them live on with the dream. Afterwards, this cock has been paired up with a hen bred by the first gold couple, ring number RO-047470, and they gave me three exceptional cocks and three exceptional hens. These were the cocks’ ring numbers: 2485, 2486 and 2487 – first class birds. Anyone can take a look at a national catalogue – both UFCR and FRC – and would find out their prize record. These three pigeons shut everybody’s mouth. They also won all the competitions they were involved in. I still have in the breeding section two females coming from this couple. They hatched in 2002, their ring number is RO-2489 and RO-2490 and I’ve put all of my trust in these birds. I also own a very good couple which I hope to outprize the above mentioned two couples. I’m talking about a 2000 breeding hen, direct daughter of the first mentioned couple (a Van Spitael x Marc Roosen hen), while the cock is an Janssen-Van Riel bloodline. These two are the parents of a cock that keeps the spotlight for the time being, ring number RO-145119, and I think this is the most extraordinary Ace and middle-distance pigeon in Bucharest over the last years. It’s one for the books. The moment it gets in peak condition, all that he knows is to struggle for the first place. This is a couple I strongly believe in, but I haven’t taken the best out of it unfortunately. Nevertheless I believe that full brothers of 145119 will reach top positions in 2009 racing season.       


Mr. Robert Musat, the general manager of the breeding section


RRP: Do you believe in pedigrees?

P. Cocos: I believe in pedigrees the same way I believe in pigeons. But I’ve never bought pigeons without pedigrees. This is the biggest mistake. First of all, I want to see the bird, to feel it in my own hands. If I do like it, then I’m going to pay for it. Then I want take a look at the pedigree. That’s the way I do things around here.


The breeders are paid great deal of attention at the beginning of a new season


RRP: Do you own any bloodlines that you have recently introduced among your pigeons?

P. Cocos: Yes I do, and I would like to talk about a fresh bloodline that I have recently introduced. This time we are setting a new pace, and starting with 2009, me and my partner Robert Musat are looking to purchase only top class pigeons. In order to do that, I paid a visit to a very good friend of mine from Constanta, Mr. Bebe Chiceanu, and I bought Gust Christians pigeons. Top quality pigeons from Belgium. Let me tell you that I once had a private conversation with Eric Limbourg and I asked him “What would be the best middle-distance Belgium pigeons?” He told me without batting an eyelid that the pigeons I’m interested in are owned by Gust Christians. The best pigeons in Belgium and maybe worldwide. So I went to Bebe Chiceanu and I made quite an acquisition like I’m used to. I followed Gust Christians’ stock male bloodline and I bought a nephew, a brother, a daughter and a son. I tried to stick around this pigeon and I’m going to pair these offspring with my own top breeders. Koopman pigeons that I bought had been also paired up the same way. This is how a bred my 6041 (an outstanding top pigeon that won middle-distance and Ace category in 2008). This is quite a pigeon, whose mother is an inbreed “Kleine Dirk” hen (100% original Koopman, that I bought from Koen Van Roy), while his father is a son from my second top breeding couple. I’m talking about a cock with average results, that I would afterwards give it as a present. One year later, that guy wanted to gave it away. I took it back and I put it in the breeding section because I was aware of its parents’ value. I have only bred two pigeons out of this couple, a cock and a hen. I offered the hen as a present, while the cock has been raced. I’m talking about 6041 and I hope it will become a legend. His mother, the Koopman hen, had been also paired up with a male coming from the other Van Spitael couple and they had also bred me tremendous birds. Two of them have been bought by our good friend, Mr. Gabi Tipeanu, while the other is in my loft.    


Mr. Robert Musat, Mr. Petrica’s team mate starting with 2009


RRP: Phenotypically speaking, who does the strain look like? Is it their mother, is it their father, or they are simply cross-bred?

P. Cocos: As I told you before, I didn’t keep the cross-bred offspring. I only keep birds that resemble very much with one of their parents. If the strain looks very much like one of their grandparents that was a special breeder, then I’m going to keep this pigeon for the breeding section. On the other hand, if the strain looks pretty much like one of their uncles that was a good racer, then it will also go to races. The cross-bred offspring always proved to be somewhere in between.   


The acquired medals and trophies start to gather too on Mr. Musat’s prize shelf



RRP: Could you tell us a few words about your new team mate, Mr. Robert Musat?

P. Cocos: I hope this team work will be a successful one, I hope it will bring us much better results in the future because I know what team work means and I advocate for team work. I haven’t taken full advantage from this collaboration so far. But from now on, everything is crystal clear. Robert is sort of the breeding section manager. I’m saying “sort of” because sometimes he pays attention to my opinions, at least when talking about pairing up. But for the rest, he is the man in charge: selling pigeons, pedigrees, buying offspring etc. On the contrary, when talking about the racing section, I’m the one who calls the shots round here. There’s no doubt I would ask for his advice because I want to drive him into making decisions and to take responsibility. And the moment I would feel he is enough prepared “to spread his wings and fly”, then I will set him free. I hope that moment isn’t far away because Robert has grown up a lot and he has learnt many things on the short run. From where I stand, you don’t have to wait for the lapse of time to become worthwhile. When talking about pigeon sport, I look at Robert as my own son.     


A promising start 


RRP: This is where we have to put an end to our interview. Thank you so much for your kindness and for all the information you have shared with us. I wish you nothing but the best in your pigeon sport activity.  

P. Cocos: You’re welcome and I thank you in my turn for your wishes.



The prize shelf starts to become overcrowded inside the house of Musat family






Traducere: Andrei Oprea

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postat la 02:20, Joi, 20.08.2009 de Victor Predescu

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