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Mircea Bejenaru - Piatra Neamt

02:34, Marti, 16.12.2008


The impressive results obtained by the columbophiles from the CAS-Neamt, as well as the different events of the kind organized at the level of the county, among which The National Exhibition of U.F.C.P.R. – 2007, the happening of the 5th edition of the International Columbodrom ‘Race Pigeons’ Piatra Neamt, proves that, in this county, there are many passionate columbophiles.
Bejenaru Mircea from Piatra Neamt is, without doubt, among them, and can be characterized in a few words as a columbophile up to date with everything ‘new’ in the columbophile sport. 
His loft houses circa 100 pigeons and is organized as follows: a reproduction compartment, with 12 lodges; 3 compartments for the race lot, with 40 lodges and a compartment for approximately 100 youngsters.
Those who know him know that, in this loft, the signal word is the quality of everything that contributes to obtaining top results: health, nourishment, reproducers, loft, flight method.
As a result of a wonderful collaboration with the Freialdenhofen family from Germany, national champions in 2008 and 2001 , 2002 and 2003, the reproducers from the Bejenaru Mircea loft are sons and daughters derived directly from ace and reproductive pigeons pertaining to these columbophiles, such as: `Super 733`, `Marseilles Star`, `De Carcassone`,  `Forrest Gump`, `Diana`, `Donkere Simons`, `Lady Espagna`, `Son late Max`, `Son Romario`, `De Bordeaux`, etc.
Also, a few Van Bruaene birds, directly from the Gyselbrecht family, via Sava Dorel – Iasi (`Toreador Barcelona`), Gebrs. Kuijpers, Nouwen Paesen and Emiel Denys.
The descendants of these famous birds have rapidly proved their qualities by exceptional results obtained by the Bejenaru Mircea loft, in the 2008 season and not only. The most important results obtained at the level of the Neamt Association are:
1st Place `Fond Breeders` Neamt, with the following results:
            1st Place `Breeders` Terespol -605 km of 2695 pigeons.
            1st Place `Breeders` Suwalki- 831 km of 1089 pigeons.
            3rd Place `Breeders` Terespol- 605 km of 6031 pigeons.
2nd Place `Fond Breeders Record` Neamt, 2007-2008.
Stage results :
            1st Place Suwalki , 831 km of 1089 pigeons ( M. 141025-04 ` Romario 25 ` )
            1st Place Terespol , 605 km. of 2566 pigeons ( M. 8910-06 )
            2nd Place Terespol , 605 km. of 2695 pigeons ( M. 8960-04 )
1st Place `Young Fond` Neamt ( M. 201053-07 `Sprint` ) with a penalty of 16.05
1st Place `Fond Matures` Neamt ( M. 8944-06 `Remmy`) with a penalty of 12.94
2nd Place `Fond Matures` Neamt ( M. 141025-04 `Romario 25` ) with a penalty of 15.72
3rd Place `Fond Matures` Neamt ( M. 201053-07 `Sprint` ) with a penalty of 16.05
3rd Place `Fond Marathon` Neamt ( F. 141001-07 `001` ) with a penalty of 145.05
To see complete results enter the site:
Examples of the pigeons’ quality from the Bejenaru Mircea loft are: female 8945-06, her brother, 8910-06 and half-brother, 8960-06, who obtained the following top classifications in the Terespol-605 km. competition from Poland:  

F. 8945-06                                                                                     
       1st Place Terespol, 605 km. 3820 p.
       6th Place Khelm, 509 km. 6011 p.
M. 8910-06
       1st Place Terespol, 605 km. 2566 p.
M. 8960-06
       2nd Place Terespol, 605 km. 2695 p.
The father of all these 3 pigeons is M. 337033-03, a splendid blue male, reproduced from M.074174-02 Van Bruaene x Nouwen Paesen and female 4361285-01 Belg. direct Gyselbrecht; the mother of the first 2 pigeons is female 318219-00 Kuijpers x Juliene Mattys , and the mother of male 8960-06 is Nouwen Paesen x Kipp
Another exceptional pigeon is male 08944-06 `Remmy`, reproduced from M. 4361189-01 Gyselbrecht Van der Wege x Van Bruaene  x F. 337002-03 `Nouwen Paesen x Van Bruaene`. This male is on 1st Place Fond Matures / Neamt with a penalty of only 12.94 points, and, this season, he obtained the following classifications:
5th Place  Terespol , 605 km. 2695 p.
16th Place Terespol ,605 km.  6031 p.                    
75th Place Cycow ,   537 km.  8893 p.
19th Place Suwalki ,  831 km. 1089 p.
Pigeon M.141025-04 `Romario 25` Freialdenhofen (see here: ), who obtained 2nd Place Fond Matures/Neamt with a penalty of 15,72 points, with three remarkable ratings, amongst which, 1st Place Suwalki 831 Km. of 1089 p.
On 1st Place Fond Young/Neamt (3rd Place, Fond Matures Neamt) is male 0201053-07 `Sprint`, reproduced from M.150361-01 Esp. (line Patrick van Bruaene, via Popa Marius) x F.337077-03 reproduced from the Emiel Denys direct couple. 
Its ratings are:
19th Place Terespol, 605 Km. 6031p.
9th Place Terespol, 605Km. 2695p.
85th Place Cycow ,   537Km. 8893p.
59th Place Dobrowa 777Km.1618p
F. 0141001-04 `001`
3rd Place Fond Marathon/Neamt                                                                     
10th Place Fond Record/Neamt
31st Place Fond/Neamt
311th Place Cycow,   537Km. 8893p
339th Place Terespol, 605 Km. 6031p.
158th Place Terespol, 605 Km. 2695p.
57th Place  Dobrowa, 777Km. 1618p                                                                                  
238th Place Suwalki, 831 km. 2761p
12th Place   Gdansk,   985Km. 508                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
            This exceptional female is reproduced from M.3108696-99 Belg.`Asterix` Emiel Denys x F.06348-03-0526 Dv Freialdenhofen (nest sister with his father `Romario 25`).
            It must be mentioned that Bejenaru Mircea started the season with a lot of 79 pigeons and only at the Fond Matures/Neamt category he obtained the following places: 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 22, 31, 34, 36, 72, 73, 76,7 8, 85, 115, 123, 138, 170, 173, 196, 213.
Surely, all these results will also reflect on the top places at the level of the national championship. 
           Hereinafter, we wish him success in the activity for the future competitional years!
Bejenaru Mircea
Telephone no. : +40 727 820 341
E-mail address:                                        Morosan Marcel-P.Neamt


Mircea Bejenaru - Piatra Neamt
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