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Interview with a master breeder, multiple national champion, Mr. MIHAI VASILIU from Catamarasti Vale, FCPR Botosani

09:02, Vineri, 11.01.2013

Interview with a master breeder, multiple national champion, 

Mr. MIHAI VASILIU from Catamarasti Vale, FCPR Botosani

- highlights – part II -







RRP: Is there any racing discipline much more difficult to approach?

M. Vasiliu: Each discipline has its own magic. The way I see it, the fancier plays an important part when it comes to the first two disciplines (sprint and middle distance). On the other hand, when the journey gets longer, that is long and extreme long distance races, the fancier’s tricks are no longer useful because the pigeon is being basketed for several days. No need to say that pigeon’s metabolism is working and allows the bird to discharge in 8 to 10 hours all the supplements he is stuffed with before basketing. And these additives hurt the pigeon in the first place because soon after they come into effect, the bird is going through lethargy. When talking about long and extreme long distance races, the origin of the bird and its condition are of the highest importance. I’ve studied many books and articles on pigeon sport and one thing caught my eye: the Denis families have been divided into several branches. One of the most gifted fancier was Adonis Denis, who used to race his birds from 1300 km, including Barcelona. So he focused only on long and extreme long distance races. Two things drew my attention: 1) there’s no need to exhaust your long distance pigeons with short distance races and 2) when you basket a pigeon, it should be in perfect condition and health because the bird has no idea how far is the liberation place from its home.     


RRP: Tell us something, Mr. Vasiliu, pigeon sport is to be taught or to be stolen?

M. Vasiliu: I didn’t steal anything and I believe there are no secrets in this sport. There were two times in my life when I was really inspired. Many years ago, an old friend of mine in Constanta, Mr. Dan Prusu, invited me to pay him a visit and see his pigeons. He wanted me to handle the birds but I refused to do so. I told him not to bother because I can tell which one is the best. Then I told him: “See that schalie silver cock? That one is your best bird and stop playing around.” And that pigeon turned out to be his best bird for many years. The second time I had inspiration was during the visit I paid to Ludu Vasile in Brasov. I went to his place to see the pigeons. They weren’t looking too good and I had no clue how they had performed in the season given their poor condition. And I told Vasile: “See that grizzle hen over there? I know nothing about it, don’t even know where did you get it from, but that hen is your best breeder.” Once again it turned out I was right, because that hen gave him a national All round winner. In the end, Mr. Ludu admitted the hen had been caught on a boat. 


Translated by Andrei – Silviu Oprea



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