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Florin & Doina Moldovan, a family who turned pigeon sport into a peak performance sports

00:13, Marti, 11.01.2011

Florin & Doina Moldovan, a family who turned pigeon sport into a peak performance sports


“Pigeon sport is like a temple for us, the same way our loft is the pigeon temple of our family. It’s not only the birds that we like, pigeons in particular, but we also love the races” - Florin Moldovan, pigeon fancier




Moldovan family is the most successful pigeon racing family in Romania. It’s been almost 50 years since this family got involved with racing pigeons. 


The backyard of Moldovan family is the place where resides the loft with the best Janssen pigeons in Romania. Among these birds there are pigeons brought directly from the famous Janssen brothers from Arendonk and Piet Manders, straight from the “Jonge Merckx” line. Following the year 1989, the Moldovan pigeons won several top prizes around the world. Their best performances include 8th prize World Championship FCI  Breeders in 2008, 1st prize Grand Prix FCI, Hungary 2009.

The prize list is completed with other top results achieved in one loft races such as South Africa, China, Portugal etc. “We have more than 100 cups won in the National Championship. We have 37 National Champion titles, 11 olympic pigeons, we were 15 times declared the Champs of all Champs. We are the best fanciers in Central and Eastern Europe”, says Florin Moldovan.



He will never forget his first hen... the first winning hen

He discovered his love for pigeons as a child, when one of his neighbors offered him a youngster. “There were some nests under the eaves of our house where my neighbors’ pigeons used to brood their eggs. One day a pigeon felt from his nest in our backyard and I asked my father if I could keep him. I was 5-6 years old back then. This is how it all started”, remembers Florin.

            The years have passed and the first top results came along. “In 1965 I won my first race with a hen, ring number 178. I’ll never forget her. It was a blue hen with a little white tick around her eye.” Florin attended all the races held by the county pigeon association ever since and he was also the president of that association for 40 years. “We won our first National title in 1985, when we took the first and the second place Middle-distance with two hens, “Olimpia” and “Venus”, recalls Florin.         



Love on top of the world


In 1975, because he was in love with everything that was flying, Florin married Doina, who was also a flyer. “My wife used to be a parachute jumper, national champion several times. She was a sports master, she jumped more than 1.000 times with the parachute and she joined the national parachute team for 11 years”, says the pigeon fancier. “After the birth of our daughter Laura, we started a “family competition”. We had our own team and the contests took place in the backyard, it was quite exciting”. Now they compete under the name of “Moldovan Family”, which also includes Laura, their daughter, her husband Dacian and their baby girl.    


Please visit where you can find lots of interesting details about Moldovan family.


Translated by Andrei – Silviu Oprea




Some of the pigeon temple sections





A great love for pigeons shared by Florin and Doina Moldovan all of their life. Congratulations!



Out front their brand new racing loft



On the left, Mr. Mihai Niculescu from Bucharest, their main support while building the new loft



Widowhood nestboxes






















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postat la 07:11, Marti, 11.01.2011 de Trafic

no comment..

postat la 18:54, Marti, 22.02.2011 de franc cristian

nu am cuvinte,mai ales ca pentru mine domnul Moldovan este o legenda,dar mai ales legenda care ma facut sa cresc porumbei

postat la 23:08, Marti, 03.05.2011 de Gabriel

foarte tare grozav bravo
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