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Visiting mister Piroi Mihai - Prahova county

03:01, Marti, 16.12.2008


Visiting mister PIROI MIHAI
- Poiana Campina, Prahova county -
Reporter: Dear mister Piroi, how and when did you start your activity as a columbophile?
Piroi Mihai: My love for pigeons dates back to my early childhood, but, in effect, I started to work with passenger pigeons in 1985, at the age of 15. I made my apprenticeship with a few pairs of pigeons taken from my neighbour, mr. Nae Simion, from Poiana Campina, who had at that time pigeons from some valuable pigeon breeders from Braşov, pigeons that came from lines of pigeons from Germany. The year 1986 was the first year in which I flew in official competitions and I even obtained good results for a beginner in this sport.
Until 1998, I flew with the same line of pigeons, year in which a more robust fitchew decimated almost my entire loft.
Dl. Piroi Mihai in front of his loft
Reporter: And what came next?
Piroi Mihai: Beyond the bitterness it caused me, this grief forced me to introduce into the loft new lines of pigeons. The novelties came from my friend in the pigeon business, mr. Laurentiu Spanu, from Campina. At that time, I brought into the loft offsprings of some valuable pigeons coming from mr. Szabo Zoltan, from Harghita, and from mr. Trasevici, from Brasov. Pigeons of these two lines stay at the basis of my current pigeon origin.
Reporter: What kind of blood had these new pigeons brought into the loft inside them?
Piroi Mihai: The pigeons from mr. Szabo Zoltan had in them: Simons, Marcel Desmet and Desmet Matthys (pigeons coming from the famous pigeon breeder Albert), and those from mr. Trasevici had: Stichelbout, Wim Muller and Menne. In the last few years, I have introduced in the basic origin a few valuable specimens coming from mr. Andrei Marius, from Targoviste. These last pigeons have in them Wan de Wegen and Jan Aarden blood. To conclude, my current line of pigeons is formed of pigeons coming from the interbreeding of those three lines mentioned above.
Breeding compartment
Reporter: What can you tell us about the sustentation of your pigeons?
Piroi Mihai: Currently, I have in the womb compartment a number of 20 pairs of pigeons of which I reproduce annually approximately 50 youngsters. The flying system I apply is the natural game which I adapt function of the situation, flys and meteorological conditions. 
Youngsters  compartment
Reporter: What can you tell us about the important fly results that you have obtained lately, within Prahova county, where it is known that there is an acerb competition between breeders?
Piroi Mihai: I started to have top results in official competitions starting with 1991, when I won first place on car, at Presov, in the competition with adult pigeons, then 33rd place at Poprad of 1651 pigeons in 2004, 69th place at Presov of 1500 pigeons in 2004, 60th place at Marca of 2890 pigeons in 2004, 14 and 94th place at Unirea of 3339 pigeons in 2004, 51st place National Fond in 2005, 22nd place National Palmares in 2007, 294th, 317th, 361st and 371st place at Poprad of 2230 pigeons in 2005, 31st, 71st and 97th place at Poprad of 988 pigeons in 2005, 59th and 63rd place at Presov of 5414 pigeons in 2005, 27th, 145th, 226th place at Ruzomberok of 1522 pigeons, 15th place at Valea lui Mihai of 3040 pigeons in 2006, 29th place at Valea lui Mihai of 2175 pigeons in 2006, 36th place at Ruzomberok of 4250 pigeons in 2007, 284th place at Ruzomberok of 4721 pigeons in 2007, 33rd place at Brno of 2153 pigeons in 2007, 2nd and 21st place at Praga of 391 pigeons in 2007, 65th, 127th and 164th place at Presov of 1586 pigeons in 2007, 248th place at Liptovsky of 6597 pigeons in 2007,  4th, 11th and 23rd place at Brno of 1575 pigeons in 2008, 13th, 23rd, 36th and 39th place at Surplacu of 1165 pigeons, 156th, 178th and 232nd place at Presov of 6077 pigeons, 64th, 112th and 157th place at Ostrava of 1311 pigeons, 36th, 127th, 244th and 307th place at Ruzomberok of 4250 pigeons and examples could go on.
Male  252261-02, a racer with remarkable results
(line M.Desmet, Delbar, D.Matthys, Stichelbout)
Reporter: Now, please let our readers in on a few details about the pigeons’ training, treatments, nutrition etc.
Piroi Mihai: Regarding the treatments I give to pigeons, in the period December – January they benefit from preventive treatments against salmoneloze, coccidioze, smallpox, paramyxovirosis. During the competition period, I treat pigeons against tricomonaza and respiratory affections, and at the end of the competitions these are awaited with recuperators. I train the birds only around the house, the mature pigeons as well as the yearlings. Mondays and Tuesdays, function of the weather, the pigeons take their weekly bath for disinfestation and coat sustantation. All year, pigeons have at their disposal mineral nourishment of the best quality, multivitamins, salt and, of course, a lot of attention from me. To slow down the natural process of moulting of racing pigeons, I use throughout the year, function of the weather, a system of shutters to keep the loft dark.
Regarding the nourishment given to the pigeons from the flying lot, I prepare it myself in March for all season. The recipe used in the last few years is the following: 35% corn, 10% wheat, 5% triticales, 20% pea, 6% sunflower, 3% rice, 2% hemp, 2% bird seed, 1% rape, 3% rice corn, 1% barley, 1% flax, 2% vetch.
Male 252259-02
(line M.Desmet, Simons, D.Matthys, Stichelbout)
Reporter: But what can you let us know about the selection of the pigeons you have?
Piroi Mihai: A single thing: the best selection of birds is given by basket. To me, taking into account the geographical area in which I live and the fact that pigeons fly on the mountain, if I were to proceed otherwise and if I were subjective in the selection of pigeons, it would mean to disappear from the classifications.
 Male 095283-04 (line VandeWegen, M.Desmet)
Reporter: In your opinion, what counts more in obtaining a valuable pigeon: the line of the pigeon or how the breeder trains it?
Piroi Mihai: My columbophile experience of over 20 years of activity led me to the conclusion that the line of the pigeon counts as much as the training the bird benefits from, namely the actual time the breeder spends daily amongst his favourites. As a result of the attention and care I offer them, my birds are mild, but with a remarkable will to win in competitions regardless of the weather conditions. The daily time I dedicate to my birds is exactly the necessary time to obtain better flying performances from a year to another.
 Hen 462443-07 (line VandeWegen, M.Desmet)
Reporter: What kind of competitions do you prefer? Speed, demi-fund, fund, big fund? Piroi Mihai: I honestly tell you I do not prefer a certain category of competitions from those mentioned by you above, but it seems to me that fund and big fund races have a bigger emotional load, they make the contestants expect more. The proof of those stated by me above is the fact that throughout the time my pigeons have obtained remarkable results on all fly distances, from the 156 km fly (Medias) to that of 1000 km (Prague).
Hen 1001935-99 (line M.Desmet, Simons, Stichelbout)
Reporter: In the name of the visitors of the website `Romanian Racing Pigeons` I thank you for all the information you have given and wish you to keep on obtaining better places in the local and national classifications.
Piroi Mihai: With great pleasure.
Male  252279-02 returning home from a fly of Brno
(line M.Desmet, Simons, D.Matthys, Stichelbout)

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